NRSH Isn’t Just Therapy, It’s an Oasis

About NRSH

Is life leaving you Malnourished? Do you find yourself feeling dehydrated by not resupplying yourself with the proper fuel? Imagine running life alone with no water breaks. At NRSH, not only will you have someone with you every step of the way, you will also gain support to nourish what’s inside you.

Nourish Wellness prides itself on its modernized spin on therapy by providing a curated and immersive experience. Nourish isn’t just a therapy practice it’s an oasis.

We believe that optimal health is achieved through a

Lifestyle | Exercise | Attitude | Nutrition



Manage Stress

Move the body

Beauty Habits


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ways for nourishment 

NRSHers Specialize In:

• Mood Disorders

• Trauma

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Life Transitions



• adolescence

• relationship challenges


what our clients are saying


Alexa Jackson


“With Taylor’s guidance, I was able to create a health and wellness routine that includes me, me, and more me. I love it!

Being in the classroom and a mother can get to be a little overwhelming at times. I was trying to juggle everything and wasn’t genuinely taking the time I needed without feeling a bit guilty, but now I know balance! Finally taking care of me!

Michelle Douglas

Grad Student

“I can’t believe my energy levels. I finally put my phone down, stopped scrolling, and actually got my energy back.

Being a full-time worker, trying to managing studies and a social life left me a bit drained. Writing papers and sometime bringing work home would bring about many long nights and cramming to get things done. Not anymore, taking my life back!

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is what you do


change your life

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