NRSH Servings

Individual Therapy- 1:1 Therapy

Individual therapy is just that, all about you. Individual therapy gives you a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and underlying issues with your NRSHER. Through open and honest dialogue will work to identify and understand how these stressors are impacting your life as well as develop strategies to manage symptoms. 

This allows for deeper understanding of the issues and also allows you more time to develop healthier coping strategies to help you handle difficult situations.

Couples Therapy

Are you constantly feeling misunderstood in your current relationship? Do you feel your partner is possibly emotionally unavailable? Do you and/or your partner find yourselves stuck in the same argument loop?

In Couples therapy, we will safely explore the challenges that may come with romantic relationships by addressing patterns of communication, and identifying unmet needs to intensify your connection and reignite passion.

Online Therapy 

With so much uncertainty happening in today’s world, NRSH has pivoted to offer secure virtual therapy services to individuals in Texas. Whether you are looking to do therapy from home, on your lunch break, or even while you’re on a work trip, NRSH can meet your needs wherever you are. 

Sex Therapy 

Sex therapy is for anyone who needs help overcoming or understanding something that’s going on in their sex life. Sex therapy helps you gain an understanding of your sexual wants, needs, and desires. All the while helping you to get comfortable communication with sexual partners.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, fill it with NRSH.