How Nrsh Works

Starting Your NRSH Journey

Phase 1: Pre-Assessment

Once you have selected your Nourisher, our NRSH Coordinator will forward you intake forms where you will be able to share about the challenges you are currently facing and also identify your goals for therapy.

Phase 2: Meet Your Nourisher - 50 min

During the initial session, your Nourisher will dig into what has been holding you back or causing you to feel “malnourished” and help you develop a clear plan to get you moving forward again. Your Nourisher will provide you with immediate action steps aimed at helping you feel nourished right away. This is also a great time for you to assess if this Nourisher also meets your needs and determine if they are a good fit.



Phase 3: How Often Will You Need To Be Nourished?

Your Nourisher will provide you with recommend sessions based on your needs. During your scheduled nourishments, you’ll learn strategies to improve your mood, relationships, health, and overall self-care.

Phase 4: NRSHment Results

At NRSH track progress throughout the care journey to ensure you are reaching your goals and ultimately have the tools to manage your own emotional well-being

Be assured, you´ll get the help & expertise you need